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Leadership 101

Getting leaders ready to take on their first leadership role is no small challenge. We are here to help with our Leadership 101 experiences.

Leadership 101 is designed to get your leaders ready, at the right time to meet their first moments that matter as leaders.

Experience Details

New leaders drink from a fire hose. New tools, new systems, new responsibilities, new emotions. All coming at them all at once. 

Our Leadership 101 experience is designed to walk leaders through the most important skills they need to be successful from day one. We take all that noise new leaders face and simplify it to build confidence and capability in new leaders. Through our series of experiences, leaders get introduced core concepts in:

  • Understanding their role

  • Developing their leadership brand

  • Owning the employee experience

  • Building effective teams

  • Setting clear expectations

  • Mastering feedback

  • Navigating difficult conversations

With each of our experiences, leaders take away concrete, practical concepts they can apply immediately on the job. We help leaders plan for and build their initial success plans and continuously coach them to bring their authentic styles to life in their daily leadership practices. 


What leaders can expect to get out of these offerings

We want leaders to leave each of these experiences with practical tools which when applied, give them confidence to bring their authentic leadership brand to life through leading high-performing teams. 


Who can benefit from these offerings

Any leader can benefit from this series of offerings. New or emerging leaders will find this series foundational to their leadership practices while seasoned leaders will see this as key opportunities to review what is working, and what is not in their currently leadership practices. 


How we make this the right leadership primer for your organization

We work closely with organizational and HR leaders within organizations to bring culture, leadership principles and customs to the forefront of these experiences. 

We work with you on the right timing, delivery method, cadence and style to ensure that leaders see these offerings as seamless experiences representative of your brand and the culture your are building at your organization. 

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Let's get your leaders ready

Let's chat to get started preparing leaders in your organization. 

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