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About Us


Building agency for the moments that matter.


The Agency Initiative was founded with one future in mind, a world with more leaders showing up authentically, making decisions based on their values, and empowering others to do the same.

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Why Authenticity?


We believe the questions - Who am I? How do I identify? What do I value and believe? And Who do I want to become? -  are at the core of the human experience. They are the foundation of your authentic self. But living with authenticity is not just about understanding the answers to these questions. It is also about loving who you are and living your truth because of it.

Why Agency?

We believe that once you understand yourself and your values, you can begin to make choices that bring the two in alignment. This is agency – making intentional choices based on your values in the moments that matter. 

Why Empowerment?

We believe that leaders and organizations play a special role in the development of agency. Leaders who show up authentically with their values, inspire others to do the same. They create a culture rooted in values that empower more people to exercise their agency with those same values. A team or workforce anchored in shared values exercising agency in the moments that matter is incredibly compelling and gets work done.


Kristen and Mike met in a moment that mattered – one that changed the trajectory of their both of their careers and connected them in friendship. They founded The Agency Initiative to help others change the trajectory of their careers by stepping into their agency in the moments that matter most.

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Kristen Kavanaugh

Kristen is passionate about leadership and serving others. Recently, the Secretary of Defense appointed her as the Vice Chair of the Department’s Defense Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.

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Mike Randolph

Mike is a strategic leader with expertise in operational effectiveness and holistic people development. Most recently, Mike held a senior position at YETI, leading and designing Talent Experience programs.

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