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About Us


We were founded with one future in mind, a world with more leaders and organizations choosing courage in their moments that matter.


We supercharge the two most important drivers in every courageous team and organization:
authentic leadership and high performance.

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Our Philosophy:

BE and DO You

We supercharge leaders by introducing them to that foundational idea - 

to BE and DO what is authentic to them in their leadership. 

What does it mean to
BE and DO you?

To BE You


Leaders need to translate their personal story into an authentic leadership brand reflective of their values and experience. We work with leaders to help them better understand their values, experiences and identity in order to bring to life their authenticity in the way they show up with their teams.

Who leaders want to BE directly impacts what they do to drive high-performing teams and organizations. 

To DO You

Leaders need to live and act authentically on their values to build better, higher-performing teams.

Leaders build high-performing teams by cultivating dynamic culture, fostering strong connections, integrating evolving customs, and developing strategic capabilities. 

We incorporate these principles into all our offerings to prepare leaders and organizations to meet their moments that matter. 


Kristen and Mike met at Tesla as two leaders at the precipice of a moment that mattered - one that changed the trajectory of their careers and united them in their pursuit to teach leaders how to DO better and BE better. Their experience developing thousands of leaders across Tesla uncovered the two most impactful drivers of organizational excellence and success: authentic leadership and high performance. Now they design all of their engagements in service of developing those same drivers for the leaders and organizations they support.

Kristen Kavanaugh

Kristen is passionate about leadership and serving others. Recently, the Secretary of Defense appointed her as the Vice Chair of the Department’s Defense Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.

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Mike Randolph

Mike is a strategic leader with expertise in operational effectiveness and holistic people development. Most recently, Mike held a senior position at YETI, leading and designing Talent Experience programs.

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