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Coaching Practices


We want to help you lead authentically. We will work with you to build your agency and better navigate the personal and professional moments that matter.


You choose who to be in the moments that matter, but you don’t have to choose to do it alone. 

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Agency Initiatives icon_edited_edited.png


Each leadership journey is unique and we work with you to meet you where you are at and help you get curious about what is possible.

Whether you are an executive or an early career leader, you can benefit from one on one coaching that supports you before, during and after the moments that matter.

Group Cohorts

Find power in building a community of practice through group coaching. Group cohorts work with a coach to learn from and accelerate the growth of each member.  

Cohorts are highly curated and span 3-6 months with a dedicated coach. 

We are currently accepting interest for 2023 group coaching cohort. 

Business Consultation
Coworkers Talking on Video Conference

Explore our coaches below to find the right fit for where you are at in your journey. 

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Kristen Kavanaugh

Kristen is passionate about leadership and supporting the next generation of executive talent. She has coached executives, high potentials and next gen leaders in one of the fastest paced, Fortune 100 companies in the world. She is particularly skilled at coaching executives from underrepresented communities as they navigate their first foray into the executive ranks.


Whether you are currently an executive or looking to make the jump to the executive ranks, Kristen will walk with you on your quest live and lead authentically and with maximum impact. 

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Mike Randolph

Mike is here to support early in career leaders taking their first steps toward larger organizations and responsibilities.


Whether you are preparing for your first leadership role, your first time leading other leaders, transitioning from a peer to a leader role, or are trying to develop organizational strategy for the first time, Mike can help you lead authentically through your values. 

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