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Hosted Experiences

We know that moments that impact the trajectory of an organization don't just happen during work on in the classroom.

We work with our clients to curate moments that make sense, not just for the organization, but to meet the audience where they are to make that impact come to life. 

Moments Matter

Whether it is a curated panel of experts, a fireside chat, a happy hour, or a conference, we know that these moments matter to organizational growth and transformation. We believe in the power of authentic leaders building relationships in settings that go beyond the meetings and the classroom.


 This is why we love to build these moments with our clients to not only create the right environment for change, but also to give those in the moment a nudge in the right direction.  


What leaders can expect to get from our hosted experiences

Leaders know that relationships come not just from the work they do but the organic moments in between the work. Leaders can expect to have the safe space and opportunity to build networks and relationships, make connections with experts, and BE themselves without the pretense of and formality of the workplace.


Who gets the invitation

We work closely with our clients to build curated hosted experiences, which means that we work with you to build the right audience for your purposes. Whether it is an open event, open to anyone at your organization or somewhere in between, we work to ensure that the audience is the right fit for your outcomes. 


What events look like to you

Formats range from small gatherings for team building to large symposiums for your organization. Below are is a sample snapshot of event types we have built for clients:

  • Happy hour networking

  • Topical round table discussions

  • Expert panel hosting

  • Fireside interviews and chats

  • Conference ice-breakers and breakout room

  • Symposium hosting

  • Off-site leadership retreats

Solar Panels on Trees

Let's chat about your event

Reach out to see how we can partner with you to bring your next event to life. 

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