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Leadership Salon

To Solve the Big Problems of Today

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Bringing Leaders Together

The Agency Initiative is building a leadership community of practice that’s actively tackling the macro-challenges leaders face today - like the changing nature of work and talent shortage  and planning for the challenges that lie ahead of us - like the rapid evolution of automation and Artificial Intelligence and their impact on leadership.


Building Revolutionary Ideas

The French Salons were a place where people of all social classes could gather and discuss intellectual ideas without fear of persecution.

We use salons as a way to bring that practice into the twenty-first century. 

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What can participants expect from the salon experience

The goal of a salon is to explore big ideas in a setting that allows for deep discussions and meaningful connection. Leaders should expect to be challenged and inspired to take bold steps toward solving real, but often daunting challenges. 


Who we invite to salons to build meaningful dialog

We build the salon experience to focus on bringing together experts, thought leaders and members of leadership that have a vested interest in solving the biggest challenges. All are welcome who are willing to add to the conversations and connections through dialog and discourse. 


How we make this the right moment for your organization

We spend time learning about your organizational culture, connections, customs and capabilities to best understand the scope of your needs.


We work with you to identify the big, meaningful challenges that often don't get the time or space for real dialog on a day-to-day basis. 

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Bring a salon to you

Reach out to learn more about our leadership salons. 

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