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The Agency Initiative Podcast

Authentic people, courageous stories

Kristen Kavanaugh and Mike Randolph, founders of the Agency Initiative, have set out to unlock the secrets behind leading with agency by uncovering everyday examples of leaders meeting the moments that matter. Kristen and Mike create space for authenticity, courage, and intentionality as their guests share their journeys. They give voice to moments in unexpected places and create an ongoing dialog that addresses their primary question: why is acting with agency so important but so difficult? 

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The Agency Initiative S1E1: Agency Unlocked - The Journey

Join Kristen and Mike for the first episode of our introductory series “Agency Unlocked” where they explore the concepts of agency through stories of courage and self-love, authenticity, and intentional decision-making. The first episode introduces the Agency journey and Kristen and Mike recap their experience launching The Agency Initiative.

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