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Events and Engagements

We leverage the power of storytelling to share our leadership journey - triumphs over challenges and teachable moments alike.


Whether from the stage in a keynote address, conference panel, or intimate leadership salon human connection through storytelling is a feature of our engagements as we inspire audiences to show up authentically with courage in the moments that matter.

Keynote Speaking

We want to share a moment with your organization. Something that captures, inspires and builds connection in that room. We use stories that share our unique perspective which bring to life our hard fought leadership lessons to build a shared moment that matters for everyone. 

Click here to learn more about Keynote Speaking offerings.


Hosted Experiences

We know that stories come to life not just in the big stage moments, but also in less formal, more intimate interactions attendees have. This is why we work hard with our clients to build meaningful, hosted experiences that span happy hours to multi-day events which bring together leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to foster deeper connections and growth. 

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Leadership Salons

We build leadership communities of practice with lofty goals in mind - to actively tackle the macro-challenges leaders face today. Whether those challenges reflect the outside world, like  the rapid evolution of automation and AI, or something more unique to your organization, we believe leaders can' solve these issues alone.

More now than ever, we need leaders to come together, generate bold ideas, and commit to building the path forward. Our Leadership Salons give the starting point to begin that work. 

Click here to learn more about bringing Leadership Salons to your organization. 

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